Every Recalled Product Is A Risk To Your Health

 Nearly every day we hear about another recall. Vehicles, food, household items, and toys are constantly being added to the recall list. With more and more recalls, it can be easy to become immune to the news. But what are the risks of ignoring product recalls?

Ignore A Product Recall At Your Own Risk – Depending on why a product was recalled, the risk of injury to your person can be minor to fatal. Sometimes there may not even be a risk to you at all. Many companies participate in voluntarily recalls of a product even if there is no evidence that the product, like food tainted with deadly bacteria or a malfunctioning gadget, is actually dangerous to consumers. These recalls are done in order to prevent the possibility of people being injured.

However, some recalls are more serious than others. These involuntary recalls are ordered by the appropriate government agencies after a finding that a product is dangerous to the general consumer. These generally come after people have been injured by a dangerous or defective product. Food tainted with listeria or e. Coli can have serious consequences for those consuming them, including vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, high fevers requiring hospitalization and even death. Outside of food, common involuntary recalls often involve overheating and fire risks in electronics, malfunctioning auto parts that can kill you instead of save you in an accident or even cause your car to roll away on its own.

Resources For Identifying Recalled Products

Recalls that result in injury or death are often times reported in media sources. However, recalls that have not yet resulted in reports of injury can be difficult to find. Government agencies work hard to make the public aware of dangerous products that may result in injury or death that may have found their way into your homes. Resources from these agencies can be your best source of information on recalls. The Consumer Product Safety Commission provides information on general product recalls and safety alerts. The United States Department of Agriculture and U.S. Food and Drug Administration both provide information on food-related recalls. And the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration works to inform drivers about potential vehicle safety issues and recalls.

Consult With A  Rancho Cucamonga, San Bernardino County Personal Injury Attorney If You Have Been Injured By A Defective Product

No one expects to be injured by a product that they use. Although product recalls have increased in recent years thanks in part due to higher government controls on defective products, people continue to be injured every single day due to manufacturer’s and designer’s mistakes. When this happens you may not even be aware that you were harmed by a recalled product or tainted food.

If you suspect that you have been injured by a defective or recalled product, it is important to consult with an attorney to properly investigate the source of your injuries and discuss how get you the compensation you need. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Justin King can guide you through the process of recovering for your injuries due to a defective product and help get your life back on track. Contact us today at (909) 297-5001 for a free confidential case consultation.