Justin H. King – Personal Injury Attorney Representing Those Who Have Been Seriously Injured in Montclair

Despite Montclair, CA being rather small in population compared to other local cities in San Bernardino County, there are still incidents and accidents that happen every single day. Montclair sits between some of the largest freeway systems in the nation like the 10, the 210 and close to the 15 and these busy roadways lead to the potential for serious and traumatic auto and trucking accidents. Montclair also hosts the Montclair Hospital Medical Center and nearby Ontario the Kindred Hospital and newly minted Kaiser. Within these medical centers residents of Montclair could experience any number of medical related injuries such as serious birth injuries or other actions of negligence. Furthermore, with the ever present growth and modernization in Montclair, the potential for construction related accidents as well as serious injuries like spinal cord injuries, brain injuries and even wrongful death can occur.

Simply put, just because the City of Montclair is small, the potential for serious and traumatic accidents and injury are everywhere, everyday. When these serious and traumatic accidents and injuries occur in Montclair, whether you are a resident, an employee or simply passing through, an experienced personal injury attorney can help fight to defend your rights, and importantly your financial recovery.

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Justin King is a rising star in the Southern California legal community is based in Rancho Cucamonga and represents victims of serious and traumatic injuries in Montclair, CA.

Justin has dedicated 100 percent of his practice to taking on insurance companies on behalf of members of our community who have been wrongfully injured. Justin is an un-wavering advocate for those he represents and has achieved numerous six and seven figure results for his clients and their families. Learn more about Justin H. King here.

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Wow, what more can I say about Justin King other than I am so thankful that I met him!
Justin King is not just a lawyer, he is someone that you can trust. When I first found out that I needed a lawyer for my case, I was a bit weary and quite frankly didn't know where to start. That all changed when I sat down and began talking to Justin. He didn't just glaze over my case, throw a heap of knowledge at me and tell me sign the dotted line. Justin went through every step and explained to me everything that he was doing and exactly what was going on. I can vividly remember Justin calling me after my strenuous appointments to see how they went, and helping me in every way possible to not only get through my case, but to help me get better. Justin went above and beyond and not only treated me with respect as a client, but as a human and a friend. I can honestly say without a shadow of a doubt that if you give this man your trust and your time he will not only help you with your case, but give you the ease of mind and heart that you are being taken care of. Thank you Justin for everything you have done, I can't thank you enough.
-Severin C., Originally posted on Yelp

Integrity and Excellence - I was a passenger in an extremely horrible car accident involving multiple cars and a semi-truck. I sustained the worst injuries out of all the parties involved. I hired Mr. King to represent me for the duration of my case, which was 3 years. During this time, I felt I had made the correct choice in choosing Mr. King to represent me. I would receive constant updates regarding my case. Mr. King would make personal visits to my house and he helped to assist my family in anything that they needed. I felt he went above and beyond his station. I would consider him part of my family now. My entire case was extremely arduous, but I was extremely happy with the final outcome and with everything that Mr. King did for me. I would definitely recommend Mr. King to my family and friends. His integrity, morals and ethics are something to envy.
James, originally posted on Avvo

Injury Attorney Justin H. King – Representing Victims in Montclair, CA & Throughout San Bernardino County

Justin King specializes in personal injury matters, with a particular focus on cases involving catastrophic injuries. He represents victims of injury on and around Montclair. Learn more about Personal Injury Attorney Justin King.

Personal Injury Attorney Justin King was recognized by the National Trial Lawyers association in their “Top 40 Under 40”. Learn more about Attorney Justin King’s recognition.

Personal Injury Attorney Representing a Victims in Montclair over a Wide Scope of Catastrophic & Serious Injury Cases

Auto & Car Accidents

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Construction Site Injuries

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Bussing Accidents

bus accident attorney in rancho cucamonga

Pedestrian vs Auto Accidents

pedestrian accident injury attorney rancho cucamonga

Motorcycle Accidents

motorcycle accident attorney rancho cucamonga

Wrongful Death

rancho wrongful death attorney

Traumatic Brain Injuries

brain injury attorney in rancho cucamonga

Serious Birth Injuries

birth injury attorney rancho cucamonga

Spinal Cord Injuries

spinal cord injury attorney rancho cucamonga

Bicycle vs Auto Accidents

Insurance Bad Faith

insurance bad faith attorney

Complex Regional Pain

complex regional pain syndrome attorney

Serious Burn Injuries

burn accident attorney

Dog & Animal Bites

Trucking Accidents

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Injured in Montclair? Contact Justin H. King

If you or someone you know has recently been seriously injured in or around Montclair, CA, we are here to help. Our no obligation and confidential consultation provides important details about your rights and responsibilities after a serious accident or injury. Use our contact form to get in touch and learn what you need to know now. Serious Injury cases are time sensitive so understanding your rights sooner may make all the difference.

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